Selling your home doesn’t have to be complicated.  Allow our team to walk you through the process of selling your home and finding your next dream home. Here are 10 easy steps to sell your home:

  1. List your property with Cascade Realty Solutions.
  2. Share with us your goals, timeframe, and expectations.  Our team will help you find the appropriate price by preparing a comparable market analysis (CMA) for your home.  We will provide tips for making your house stand out as “dream home” potential.
  3. Be aware of your neighborhood.  Your neighborhood housing impacts the price potential of your own home.
  4. Prepare your home for potential buyers.  Make any necessary repairs, cleaning, and de-cluttering that your home may need to make a good first impression.
  5. Our marketing team will develop the appropriate marketing strategy.  Common marketing strategies include photographing your home and placement in MLS, advertising in real estate magazines and on a real estate website.  We goes beyond these traditional methods.  We collaborate with other marketing companies both locally and nationally.  Our team also advertises homes for sale on our broker’s website in addition to our own personal website’s and vast professional networks.
  6. Once a buyer is interested they will place an offer on your home with their agent.  The buyer’s agent will present that offer to your realtor and they will schedule an appointment with you to review the offer.  We will help address any questions and concerns and will be able to advise you on the appropriateness of the offer for your home.
  7. After the offer is reviewed it is either accepted or negotiations between you and the buyers agent begin.  This step can depend on a number of factors.  As a result, the time from the initial offer until the offer is accepted can vary from days to weeks. We do our best to speed this process up for you. Having experience has its advantages.
  8. The buyer will submit a final loan application and then a home inspection will be scheduled.
  9. Once the loan is approved.  The listing agent “Cascade Realty Solutions” will coordinate all activities required for closing and directs all the closing documents to the escrow agent. A final walk-through will also be scheduled.
  10. The home purchase is finalized and the transaction is closed.  A closing meeting is scheduled, documents are signed with title and escrow, and you get paid for the sale of your home!

important points to keep in mind

when selling your home


curb appeal

An initial impression means a lot.  That first impression can determine whether a buyer will even want to look at your home or even get past the MLS photograph.   Now is the time to take a constructive look at the exterior of your home including paint, yard, and cleanliness.  Clean up lawn debris, trim plants, remove dead plants, and make sure your lawn is a reasonable length.  Make your entry attractive and inviting.  This is something to be maintained consistently until your home is sold.

Don’t worry, we will help show you how to keep your home in quick selling shape. After all, a good presentation could mean the difference between getting your asking price and having to settle for a little bit less. 



interior appeal 

First impressions don’t end at the curb.  Once inside, a buyer is visualizing if this could be their dream home.  They are attempting to figure out if their furniture will fit, what kind of work does the house need to be pleasing to them, and is there enough room in cabinets, closets and living space.  Above all, you want to make sure your house is clean.  Upkeep is critical which means you want to avoid dirty dishes in the sink, unmade beds, and unclean pet areas.  The goal is to have your home and its amenities sparkling and attractive.  This can be daunting if you have a busy family, however it is critical to bring “home” the entire appeal of your home to a potential buyer.



be strategic about whats in your home

Small rooms full of furniture or toys might be the way you live, but the way you live is not what you’re selling.  You want buyers to be able to visualize how they can place their things in the space you’re selling.  This means they need to be able to see a clutter-free space.  Rearranging furniture, eliminating furniture and knick-knacks, and creating “empty” space presents a home that is light and airy.  People do make assessments about what they are viewing.  If your house is unkept and filled to the brim with “things,” potential buyers are going to see the way you live, not the house you live in.



What you can do before a buyer shows up

When you get the call an agent would like to schedule a viewing, there are some practical tips to give your home the best show.  Light gives the impression of openness.  Open your curtains/blinds.  If it’s already dark, turn key lights on that really feature your home and give it that intimate “I’m at home” feel.  It also can open up an otherwise small room.  Make sure your pets are contained and do any last minute pick-up.  Do your best to not leave things out whether it’s kid or pet toys, dishes on the kitchen counter or toothpaste on the bathroom counter.



Plan on being absent

When buyers come knocking, they can feel pressured if the owners are home.  The more responsive you are to showing your home, even at the last minute, the more available you appear to agents for selling your home.  In your absence, potential buyers have time to look, open, investigate, talk, and dream about your home’s potential as their new home.


Following these basic tips helps make your home someone’s potential dream home.  Let us answer your questions about how to sell and present your property favorably.