Don't wait to sell your home

Selling a home can seem like a time consuming and arduous process.  Finding the right realtor or better yet a team of realtors is critical to presenting your home in the most favorable and accurate light for potential buyers.  Our years ofexperience representing sellers has given us the necessary skills in marketing a home’s sellable features. What does that mean for you? It means we actively market your home through many platforms and direct advertising, rather than only passively listing your home in the MLS and putting a sign in your yard.  Since the real estate market and practices in the Northwest are always changing, having the right team of realtors who know the market will help you sell your home quickly.  The Cascade Realty Solutions team works hard to stay on top of your properties and listings.

With years of experience and diverse professional backgrounds, our team works harder than most to ensure your property listing receives the diligence required to get it sold. Put our years of experience in the Central Oregon market to work for you. Isn’t it time to sell your property and move on to a home that fits your current needs?

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It's Time To Move On

When you are ready, we are hear for you. Say goodbye to a home that doen't fit your needs and hello to your next adventure.

Our team does more for you

Our team goes beyond traditional real estate advertising methods for getting your home listed and sold.  Some of our realtors bring major relevant experience to our team. For instance, our team members have backgrounds in marketing and advertising, insurance, foreclosures, lending, business development, creative strategies, search engine marketing and much more. This has allowed us to approach real estate differently than most. We not only have the experience and expertise we have also built our own unique platform and marketing strategies to get the job done.

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The Latest Marketing Strategies

Since we use the latest marketing strategies and collaborate with our marketing specialists, we can offer you a much more comprehensive listing exposure rate than tradition real estate marketing practices. We uses our personal websites, broker websites, network, SEM marketing strategy, and all the traditional methods as well to attract both local and national coverage.  We even work with local and national advertisers with the mindset to capture the national audience who are re-locating to the area.  Even with all this work, we don’t stop there.  Our creative marketing strategists use social media to extend our marketing reach.  It is in everyone’s best interest to get your home sold. Our time and dedication is shown by our investment in selling your home.


If you can answer the following questions positively about the realtor your considering hiring then, it sound like you found a great one. If not, then maybe consider giving us a call. Interview us and ask us to show you real data and the tools we use to make your home selling experience a great one.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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Questions to ask yourself

Ask yourself these questions when you interview a potential Realtor:

  • What is the Realtors demeanor?

  • Do I connect with the Realtor I’m interviewing?

  • Do you feel like they really listen to what your saying or are they distracted?

  • What is your Realtor willing to do for you?

  • Does your potential Realtor seem put out when you call or genuinely excited?

  • Is your Realtor proactive in marketing your home?

  • Does your Realtor offer more ways to sell your home rather than traditional methods like the MLS and a sign in your yard?

  • Is your Realtor able to market your property appropriately to find the right buyer?

  • Is your Realtor available and willing to work with you in presenting your home in the most favorable way?

  • Do you want a Realtor who is invested in helping you sell your home or one that is comfortable just sitting back and waiting?

  • How much real market experience does your Realtor have?